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Antique Copper Milk Can. This copper milk can, also known as a milk churn, is large - measuring 14.5" tall x 6" at base. The copper milk can has a wire bail and the wood handle is intact, with a matching copper lid. Research for this churn has, thus far, produced only one other copper churn that has matching side supports. That copper churn was credited to the Romany Gypsy coppersmiths from the UK during the Edwardian period (1901-1919). This antique copper churn was imported from Somerset, England. There are several surface dings and blemishes and is in good general condition.

Suggested care for this antique copper milk can: gently wash with mild soap and water; rinse and thoroughly dry. Remove copper tarnish by using a gentle copper cleaning product or visit our blog for instructions on chemical-free tarnish removal for antique copper.

Antique Copper Milk Can

SKU: 1537
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