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Antique Copper Sauce Pan Pot. This copper sauce pan is also referred to as a Cholent (Jewish stew pot) pan. The width of this pot is 8.5", height is 5" and total length is 19.5". This antique copper pan weighs 4.6 lbs (2084 grams) and wall thickness of the copper is 1.4 mm.

Cramp seams (dovetailing) are present on the sidewall and bottom of the pan. The handle is made of copper with what seems to be an old repair of brass brazing, and a heart-shaped baseplate. The interior is tinned, but barely evident, except for a bit on the sides of the interior. This antique copper pot has been long-used and is sound. The baseplate and the handle are secured tightly to the pot. Please have a fresh layer of tin applied before you use it for food preparation.

Antique Copper Sauce Pan Pot

SKU: 1568
  • Materials: copper; copper handle; copper rivets; brass brazing; tin interior

  • Width of copper pan: 8.5"

    Height of copper pan: 5"

    Thickness: 1.4mm

    Weight: 4.6 lbs. (2084 grams)

    Length of copper handle: 11"

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