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Antique Copper Tea Kettle. A large 19th century oval antique copper tea kettle with a serpentine spout. The copper kettle has a gorgeous patina.  This copper teapot dates between 1850-1859. George lll Oval Copper Tea Kettle. Imported from Leominster, UK. Dings commensurate with age. Copper thickness and weight is shown in the included photos.

This copper tea kettle will be a beautiful addition to a copper collection, English or French kitchen. This kettle should be retinned before use, or use as a display item for your copper collection.

Antique Copper Tea Kettle

SKU: 1559
  • Suggested care for antique copper kettles: Wash with a mild soap and water, rinse well, thoroughly dry. Appy a gentle copper cleaning product and follow the product directions to remove tarnish.

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