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Antique Copper Tea Kettle. A small 19th century antique copper and brass English tea kettle with a serpentine spout. The kettle has a number 4 stamped on the brass handle. The bottom of this antique kettle seems to be copper-plated with the iron ring becoming evident through the worn copper. The handle is off-center and there are small dings and dents evident at the handle bases. This kettle was located in Wisconsin.

This antique copper tea kettle will be a beautiful addition to an antique copper collection, English, or French kitchen. Display this antique kettle or have it retinned for personal use. This copper kettle weighs 3.14 lbs (1427 grams). The height of the kettle is 10 1/2", width of 6 1/2", and length of 12". We recommend this tea kettle be retinned by professionals if purchasing for personal use.

Antique Copper Tea Kettle

SKU: 1559
  • Suggested care for antique copper kettles: Wash with a mild soap and water, rinse well, thoroughly dry. Appy a gentle copper cleaning product and follow the product directions to remove tarnish.

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