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Antique Georgian Oval Copper Tea Kettle. Imported from Olney, UK, this beautiful 1800's George lll oval antique copper tea kettle comes from the personal collection of antiques owned by an antique dealer. This antique copper tea kettle is in excellent condition. There is an unknown mark stamped on the bottom of this antique copper kettle and a number 6 has been stamped on the handle. The interior lid is marked '6 pint' with the date 8/6. I think this copper kettle was tinned and this is the date applied by the tinning service. There may be a non-tarnish coating applied and likely done at the same time that the tin lining was restored. The measurements are: 10" tall, 11" long, and 6" wide. Weight: 2.4 lb (1090 grams). This kettle is gorgeous! This listing will be updated if further information is found regarding origin of this antique kettle's mark.

Antique Georgian Oval Copper Tea Kettle

SKU: 1572
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