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Antique Oval Copper Tea Kettle. The marks stamped on the bottom of this English copper kettle: A&N CSL, 4P, and Y. The number 2 is stamped on both ends of the handle. This antique copper tea kettle weighs 2.38 lbs. (1080 grams), and is 10.5" long, 9" high, and 5.5" wide. Cramp seams are evident on the spout and bottom of the kettle. Barrel handle. The lid fits nicely onto the kettle. The interior seems to have hand-applied tinning to the surface. 

The spout is indented into the body and has a slow drip from the bottom of the spout. Years of use evident, including numerous dings, dents, and a light lean of the handle. 

A&N CSL was the mark used by the Army & Navy Stores which was formed by enlisted men for enlisted officers and their families in 1871. The original Army & Navy store was located on Victoria Street in London as a cooperative society, thus CSL stood for Cooperative Society Limited.  In 1934 Army & Navy became a limited liability company and in 1973 the Army & Navy stores were purchased by the House of Fraser. The 3, 4 and 6 pint kettles were referred to as a Bachelor Kettles in old Army & Navy catalogs.

This charming kettle was imported from Sunbury-On-Thames, United Kingdom.

Antique Oval Copper Tea Kettle

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