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Copper Sauce Pan. A petite copper sauce pan in excellent condition. This copper pan has a mark of the number 12 stamped on the right side of the pan wall near the iron handle. The number 12 is slightly staggered with the number one stamp being slightly above the number two and is likely a sizing mark for graduated pans in a household or restaurant. The handle is cast iron with copper rivets and it is tightly adhered to the sidewall of this sweet copper pan. This copper sauce pan is 4.75" wide and the sidewall is 2 .75" tall. The length of the iron handle is 6" long, making a total of nearly 11" in length. The sidewall of the pan measures 1.2mm at approximately an inch down from the rim of this pan. Weight is just under a pound at .994 lb (451 grams). Located in Seattle, Washington and likely an antique, but we are listing this pan as vintage.

The interior requires that a new layer of tin be applied before use in food preparation.

Copper Sauce Pan

SKU: 1569
  • Material: copper, cast iron handle with copper rivets, tin interior.

  • Width of pan: 4.75"

    Heighth: 2.75"

    Handle Length: 6"

    Weight: .994 lb (451 grams)

    Thickness: 1.2mm

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