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Linen Apron. This elegant linen apron is perfect for entertaining or a heavy day of baking. Made from 100% linen with cotton twill ties and a generous pocket. One size fits all. The ties are 60" long for wrapping around to the front, if you choose. There is a grommet for knotting your top tie and adjusting your fit. Beautifully sewn and made in the USA. Medium-weight linen. Measurement of this apron: 35" wide, 40" long and 11" across the top of the apron bib. A generous 7" wide X 8" long pocket is located on the left side of the apron. Natural linen apron with steel gray ties. KATIE AND COMPANY®

Linen Apron

SKU: 1505
  • 100% Linen; 

    Cotton/Twill Ties

  • Machine wash, gentle cycle on cool temperature.

    Hang to dry; iron.

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