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Vintage Copper Skillet. A vintage copper skillet with a cast brass handle, copper rivets, and a tin interior in excellent condition. This copper skillet is 11 3/4" diameter (30cm), 2" sidewalls, and a cast brass handle that is 11 1/2" (30 cm) in length. Total length of this skillet is 23 3/8" (59.5 cm). The copper thickness of this vintage copper skillet is 2.8mm. and the weight is 6.73 lbs. (3056 grams). This skillet will continue to be an outstanding workhorse for years to come!

The cast brass handle (note the filing marks on the sides of the handle and the roughness of the interior of the hanging loop) is tight to the skillet. This vintage skillet has no marks or stamps. The size, thickness, handle and baseplate shape is exact to a circa 1885 French skillet found during our research on this skillet. This professional quality skillet was located in Washington, DC.

We always recommend a new layer of tin be applied before use in food preparation.

Vintage Copper Skillet

SKU: 1570
  • Materials: Copper, Brass, Tin Lining


    Copper Thickness: 2.8mm

    Skillet: 11 3/4" (30cm)

    Cast Brass Handle: 11 1/2" (30 cm)

    Total Length: 23 3/8" (59.5 cm)

    Weight: 6.73 lbs (3056 grams)



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