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Family ~ Where I Begin and Where My Heart Lives

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

These beautiful people are my family. My heart begins and ends with them. Over the years, there were days when they were growing up that I wondered if I would ever successfully line my children up for a family photo with all six as shiny as pennies, and matching socks to boot. I no longer have to search for a hiding child who didn’t want to dress for the annual school Christmas concert (and finding him muddied and a mess under our deck with five minutes to spare). Nor do I have to tame tresses that have recently been in the trees and swinging from branches, or bandaging knees from bicycle mishaps. They grew up chasing each other, chasing fireflies, chasing dreams, and now they are finding their place in life. They still live their lives robustly, with the curiosity and energy that they were born with, and no matter where they are, they drop everything to stand with, stand behind, and lift each other in life. I am deeply proud of who they are and their values and integrity.

This family portrait was taken for a joyous occasion, and everyone eagerly flew in to witness and share in their sister Shannon’s wedding. On this day, there was not a speck of mud, bruises, sprains, or mussed ponytails in sight. Shiny pennies!

They are my greatest gifts, and I am grateful every day to share my life with them. ~ Kay {aka Mom, aka Katie}

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